Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect User Group
13 - 14 June 2018 | Washington D.C.

*Group and student discounts apply

why attend?

2 Day Enterprise Architect UG in Washington D.C.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is the most popular visual modeling and design tool, with deployments in almost every industry. Uses range from Enterprise Architecture, Business Modeling and Architecture, Software Design, Systems Design and every function to support those activities.

Day 1

The Keynote address will be delivered by industry legend John A Zachman with presentations from Chris Armstrong - CEO of Sparx Services North America and Tom O'Reilly - COO of Sparx Systems Australia, with highlights from the latest release of Enterprise Architect - Version 14. This is a unique networking event, to share user experiences and hear from experts in the Washington DC community.

Day 2

Features an in-depth training session for Enterprise Architect, facilitated by Chris Armstrong (CEO Sparx Services North America).

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Day 1 Agenda
Opening Remarks
Keynote: John Zachman
The Zachman Framework and Enterprise Architect
Tom O'Reilly

An in depth look at some of the notable Enterprise Architect 14 features. Audience questions encouraged and answered!

Margaret Goodrich
Doug Jackson

How to Manage the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] and Other Mandates Using Enterprise Architect.

Sarena Gazic

A demonstration of the stock CSV import for model structure then showing the API to add use cases, operations, lifelines and sequence messages to use case and sequence diagrams.

Next will be exporting that information again for review or to be modified in excel and updates pushed back to the model.

With the final step being files that are subsystem specific requirements documents.

Ryan Schultz / Chris Armstrong

What is NIEM? How is it advantageous to use a modeling tool to excel at NIEM implementation.

Enterprise Architect Discussion Roundtable
Day 2 Agenda

Enterprise Architect System Development

Presented by Chris Armstrong

Enterprise Architect System Development provides students with a hands-on opportunity to learn how to capture system analysis and design models with Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA).

Starting with an overview of EA, students will learn how to create, delete, and move model elements, draw relationships, review various tool configuration options and model structuring and organization guidelines.

Students begin building a domain model using class diagrams and then create actors and use cases to build a use case model. Modeling of state-driven behavior is covered through the use of state machine diagrams. The system’s workflow is modeled using activity diagrams. Then students create the structure for capturing the design of a use case using use case realizations. The course then goes through how to build sequence and class diagrams for a use case realization. Then students learn how to model subsystems and interfaces and their internal design using a subsystem interface realization. Most class time is used for students to do hands-on lab exercises following a step-by-step workbook.

Whats Covered?
Building Domain Models
Creating Actors and Building Use Case Models
How to model state driven behavior
Modeling System workflow with activity diagrams
Building Sequence and class diagrams for a use case realization

See the full description of the training here


Group and Student Discounts

We are pleased to announce the following discounts for Groups and Students intending to register for the Washington DC Enterprise Architect User Group event on June 13 and 14 in Silver Spring MD.

For Groups of 5 or more a 10% Corporate/ Government discount will apply for each registered attendee. This discount applies to the Two Day package ONLY and equates to a total saving of $90 per person.

A 50% discount will apply to each or both days for each registered Student. For the two day package this equates to a saving of $250.

These discounts are available for a limited time and the offer will close two weeks prior to the event on Thursday 31 May 2018. Register now and take advantage of these discounts.

Group Discount (5 or more attending from a single organization) – 10%

Student Discount (Students registered (must be currently enrolled) – 50%

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