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MDG link for DOORS

Simple, easy to use link between Enterprise Architect and Telelogic’s DOORS
The Model Driven Generation (MDG) Link for DOORS provides a lightweight bridge for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and Telelogic’s DOORS®. MDG Link for DOORS users can now combine requirements created in DOORS® with the power of UML2.x. The requirements import feature allows EA projects to develop and grow in line with the requirement specifications defined in DOORS®.

Filtered import using DOORS® View Filtering

Download EADOORS.exe ( ) to experience the fully functional 30 day trial version of the MDG Link for DOORS or purchase the full version of MDG Link for DOORS here.

More Information:

Revision History


Release - Version 2.2 - Read more


Release - Version 2.1 - Read more


Release - Version 2.0 - Read more


Beta Release - Version 2.0


Public Release - Version 1.0

  • Direct import of DOORS® modules into EA
  • Synchronization of imported DOORS® modules
  • Filtered import using DOORS® View Filtering.
  • DOORS tree reflected in the EA hierarchy.