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MDG link for Eclipse

Light and agile bridge linking Enterprise Architect and Eclipse
The Model Driven Generation (MDG) Link for Eclipse provides an integrated solution for users of the Professional and Corporate versions of Enterprise Architect and Eclipse. With a host of new features the MDG Link for Eclipse enhances user productivity.

Key Features
Provides a lightweight bridge between Enterprise Architect and Eclipse Simple and efficient navigation between code and model Support for different development configurations Build and run projects from within Enterprise Architect Intuitive and simple to use Low license cost Forward and Reverse Code Engineering support for Java, C++, PHP and Adobe Flex (ActionScript) projects

Before downloading the MDG Link for Eclipse please ensure that the following software is installed on the system:

Download EAEclipse.exe () (Version: ) to experience the fully functional 30 day trial version of the MDG Link or purchase the full version of MDG Link for Eclipse here.

Download EAEclipse.zip (). If you want to find out more about MDG Link for Eclipse without downloading the full package, download the help files for a review of the features and power of this tool. The MDG Link for Eclipse help files are in Microsoft HTML Help format (.CHM). If you experience problems loading the help file, you may need the HTML Help install files.

The MDG Link for Eclipse help file is also available in PDF format ().


Resources for MDG Link

MDG Link for Eclipse - Download the full version of the MDG Link for Eclipse to experience of the latest addition to the Enterprise Architect family of products.

Revision History

For the most up to date build information check out Latest News forum.


Release - Version 4.0.5


Release - Version 4.0


Release - Version 2.0 Read more


Release - Version 1.5 Read more


Release - Version 1.0.19, fixed error messages, compatible with latest release of Eclipse (tested with M6) and other bug fixes.


Public Release - Version 1.0,
MDG Link for Eclipse provides a powerful tool for integrating Enterprise Architect and Eclipse.

Includes the following features:

  • Building and Running of Projects from within Enterprise Architect.
  • Granular control over Import and Export of Code.
  • Edit code in Eclipse with a click of a button from Enterprise Architect.
  • Merge an entire Project with a simple, easy to use process.


Beta Release v 1.0