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Training Courses

BIZBOK® Foundation

The BIZBOK Foundation course is designed to provide students with an overview of “A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge® (BIZBOK Guide)” as a foundation for becoming a capable business architect and establishing an effective business architecture practice

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Domain Modeling with UML

Domain Modeling with UML introduces a practical approach to applying Unified Modeling Language (UML) activity and class diagrams for modeling workflows and entities in the business domain

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Requirements Gathering Fundamentals

Requirements Gathering Fundamentals teaches the basic of requirements gathering for the new business or system analyst. Beginning with a discussion of why requirements are important to software development projects, the course continues with a discussion of what makes requirements “good.”

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Use Case Modeling Fundamentals

Use Case Modeling Fundamentals teaches the experienced business and system analyst how to capture the detailed requirements for a software development project using the use case technique

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Requirements Management with Sparx Enterprise Architect

The Requirements Management with Sparx Enterprise Architect course provides students with a hands-on opportunity for learning how to capture business and system analysis models with the Unified Modeling Language 2.0 (UML) using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (EA).

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Sparx Enterprise Architect BIZBOK

Sparx Enterprise Architect BIZBOK provides students with a hands-on opportunity for learning how to use Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) to support the methods outlined in “A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge®” (BIZBOK Guide) from the Business Architecture Guild®.

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Model Driven Generation (MDG) Add-ins for Enterprise Architect

MDG Technology enables you to extend the functionality of Sparx Enterprise Architect to integrate with other systems, leverage industry standards and frameworks

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Connect Enterprise Architect to the Pro Cloud Server and experience optimized access to your models from any web enabled location. Globally collaborate on models by connecting up with a simple URL. No database drivers and other client side access components are required. Access is optimized for high latency links. Connect from anywhere – work from anywhere.


Immediate web based access to models. No need to publish or export content – simply connect your model to the Pro Cloud Server and enjoy shared access to the rich content and visual models created in Enterprise Architect. Review, discuss, manage and collaborate. Share the power and expression of your models with the entire organization


Use the extensive RESTful API to exchange information between your model repository and other systems. Based on OSLC/RDF the expanded and efficient API is immediately available for internal use by customers.

Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect is the world leading modeling tool. It enables you to effectively innovate, collaborate and deliver on processes, software, systems and architecture.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a visual modeling and design tool based on the OMG Unified Modeling Language (UML). The platform supports: the design and construction of software systems; modeling business processes; and modeling industry based domains. It is used by businesses and organizations to not only model the architecture of their systems, but to process the implementation of these models across the full application development life-cycle. 

Your Model Everywhere

Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server radically transforms the business value of modeling and design. Instantly extend model access to your entire organization. Review and discuss models and solutions. Assign and manage resources. File bugs, create requirements and much more from a familiar and mobile friendly-web based interface.

Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server (PCS) offers a gateway to Enterprise Architect models. This offers a significant advantage in the tooling space. As modern teams evolve to be more agile and robust, there is an increasing need for various tools to seamlessly exchange information.

Allows up to three Firebird models and unlimited web users.

5 models of any supported type (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Firebird etc) and unlimited web users.

Unlimited models of any supported type and unlimited web users.