Process Definition with SPEM

Course #: 21-401
Duration: 2 Day


  • Process architect
  • Process engineer
  • Process designer
  • Project coach


Process Definition with SPEM provides students with an in-depth overview of the Software and Systems Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM 2.0) specification as it relates to designing, specifying, and managing development processes and methods. 

The course begins with an overview of process architecture/integration and method frameworks. Students are next introduced to core SPEM elements and how to describe work breakdown structures. The course continues with how to employ UML® activity diagrams and BPMN™ process diagrams for modeling process behavior, including using UML state machine diagrams for describing work product lifecycles. 

Process reuse is discussed by using SPEM method content (role, task, and work product definitions). Students then learn how to integrate method content with process structure and behavior. The course finishes with how to organize process and method content using method libraries and method plugins, different ways of extending existing content using variability types, and how to configure processes into reusable components.


Understand how to apply SPEM for defining development methods and processes

  • Specification
  • Implementation
  • Management
  • Integration

Describe different aspects of development methods and processes

  • Process structure
  • Process behavior
  • Method content
  • Process with methods
  • Method plugin

Apply UML and BPMN diagrams for designing SPEM content

  • SPEM UML profile
  • UML activity diagrams
  • UML class diagrams
  • UML state machine diagrams
  • UML package diagrams
  • BPMN process diagrams

Course Outline (Modules and Topics)

SPEM Overview

  • Organization process challenges
  • Process architecture and integration
  • Method frameworks
  • SPEM package structure
  • UML profile

Core Elements

  • Kind (type)
  • Work definition, performer

Process Structure

  • Breakdown structures
  • Activity, milestone
  • Role use, work product use

Process Behavior

  • Activity, control flow
  • State, transition
  • UML activity and state machine diagrams
  • BPMN process diagrams

Managed Content

  • Category
  • Guidance

Method Content

  • Role definition
  • Task definition
  • Work product definition

Process with Methods

  • Packages (method content and process)
  • Method content use
  • Team profile

Method Plugin

  • Method library and method plugin
  • Process component
  • Variability types (contributes, extends, replaces, extends-replaces)
  • Method configuration

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