Requirements Management with Sparx Enterprise Architect

Course #: 21-0626
Duration: 1 Day


  • Business analyst
  • System analyst
  • System/software architect
  • Test manager
  • Project manager
  • Software designer
  • Developer


Requirements Management with Sparx Enterprise Architect provides students with a hands-on opportunity for learning how to capture business and system analysis models with the Unified Modeling Language 2.0 (UML) using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (EA). To begin, in an EA overview, students learn how to create, delete, and move model elements, draw relationships and model organization guidelines. 

Students begin building a fact/domain model using class diagrams and then create actors and use cases to build a use case model.  The course continues with modeling business rules and specifying business entity attributes. Activity diagrams are used to specify behavior.  Then students capture the project vision by importing and marking requirements in documents and establishing traceability relationships using a relationship matrix. Specifying, tracing, importing/exporting requirements are also covered.  Most class time is used doing hands-on lab exercises following a step-by-step workbook.


Learn how to apply key features of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect for

  • Business analysis
  • Requirements management

Build integrated set of requirements models

  • Business fact/domain
  • Business rules
  • Business requirements
  • Vision document
  • Use cases
  • System requirements
  • Relationships

Diagrams covered

  • Use case diagram
  • Activity diagram
  • Requirements diagram
  • Traceablility diagram

Course Outline (Modules and Topics)

Setup Project

  • EA workspace configuration
  • Business analysis model
  • Business domains and entities

Create Relationships

  • Relationships and element lists
  • Generate RTF reports

Specify Business Rules

  • Create activity models
  • Importing business rules

Capture Vision

  • Importing document
  • Marking requirements in documents
  • Relationship matrix

Identify Features

  • Exporting requirements
  • Establishing traceability relationships
  • Displaying smart legend

Build Use Case Model

  • Use cases, actors, and packages
  • Attaching external documents
  • Identifying related elements
  • HTML reporting

Trace Requirements

  • Searching and navigating model
  • Viewing hierarchy

Manage Requirements

  • Project auditing
  • Specifying requirements

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