Requirements Gathering Fundamentals

Course #: 21-0701
Duration: 1 Day


  • Business architect
  • Business analyst
  • System analyst
  • Test designer
  • Technical writer


Requirements Gathering Fundamentals teaches the basic of requirements gathering for the new business or system analyst. Beginning with a discussion of why requirements are important to software development projects, the course continues with a discussion of what makes requirements “good.” The challenges of effective requirements gathering are discussed as it relates to different types of requirements and different source for requirements. The course then introduces a variety of traditional elicitation techniques including interviews, workshops, brainstorming, storyboarding, role playing, and prototyping.

Discussion focuses on how to extract from stakeholders the information that they often do not know how to describe including the importance of making requirements both understandable and unambiguous as possible. Then different techniques for analyzing requirements are discussed including affinity diagrams, knowledge/mind mapping, nominal group technique, and Pareto charts.

The course finishes with a discussion of how to organization and package requirements so they are effectively communicated to various stakeholders


  • Understand importance of requirements
  • Understand characteristics of good requirements
  • Learn and apply different techniques for eliciting requirements
  • Learn and apply techniques for analyzing requirements
  • Discuss how to best communicate requirements with different stakeholders

Course Outline (Modules and Topics)

Introduction to Requirements

  • Typical software development challenges and relationship to requirements
  • Characteristics of “good” requirements
  • Different types of requirements
  • Different source for requirements
  • Identifying stakeholders

Elicit Requirements

  • Understandability vs. ambiguity
  • Elicitation techniques
  • Interviews and questionnaires
  • Workshops and focus groups
  • Brainstorming
  • Storyboarding and role playing
  • Prototyping

Analyze Requirements

  • Affinity diagrams
  • Knowledge/mind mapping
  • Nominal group technique
  • Check sheet
  • Venn diagram
  • Pareto chart

Communicate Requirements

  • Organization and packaging strategies
  • Textual and graphical representations
  • Vision document, use case specifications, glossary, supplemental requirements
  • Use case model, business service model, workflow model, domain model

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