SysML User Fundamentals

Course #: 21-1002
Duration: 2 Days


  • Project manager
  • Systems engineer
  • Architect
  • Business/system analyst
  • Test manager/analyst
  • Team lead


This course is intended for practicing systems engineers who want to learn how to apply model-driven systems engineering practices using the UML Profile for Systems Engineering (OMG SysML™). Students will be introduced to the Object-Oriented System s Engineering Method (OOSEM), a development methodology tailored t o modeling solutions using OMG SysML.

The methodology begins with the presentation of a desired capability and leads you through the performance of activities and the creation of work products to support requirements definition, architecture description and system design. At each step of the methodology the applicable OMG SysML diagrams are introduced and explained. Students continually review the model-based systems engineering techniques throughout the course in hands-on group exercises.

At the completion of the course students will have received sufficient academic preparation to successfully complete the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional™ – Model User certification exam.


  • Identify and describe the purposed and use of all nine OMG SysML diagrams
  • Follow a formal methodology to produce a system model
  • Evaluate and correct a model of system behavior using an activity diagram
  • Evaluate and correct a model of system behavior using a state diagram
  • Evaluate and correct a model of system behavior using a sequence diagram
  • Model requirements using a requirements diagram
  • Model requirements using a use case diagram
  • Model structure using block diagrams
  • Allocate behavior to structure in a model
  • Recognize parametrics and constraints and describe their usage

Course Outline (Modules and Topics)

Model-Based Systems Engineering Overview

  •  Introduction to OMG Sys ML
  • Role of open standards and open architecture in systems engineering
  • What is a model
  •  Principles of modeling
  • Characteristics of a good model
  • 4 pillars of OMG SysML 

Getting started with OOSEM

  • Use case diagrams and descriptions
  • Modeling functional requirements
  • OMG SysML language architecture
  • OOSEM Activities and Work Products
  • Walk through the top level activities
  • Options for model organization
  • Package diagrams

Requirements Analysis

  • Modeling requirements in OMG SysML
  • Functional analysis and allocation

OMG SysML Structural Elements

  • Block definition diagrams (BDD)
  • Internal block diagrams (IBD)
  • Ports, parts, connectors and flows

OMG SysML Behavioral Elements

  • Activity diagrams
  • Activity decomposition
  • State machines
  • Interactions

Parametric Analysis and Design Synthesis

  • Constraint blocks
  • Tracing analysis tools to OMG SysML elements

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