Technical Support for Sparx Software

When you just need a little help from the Sparx experts.

Sparx Services North America offers premium phone and email based technical support for Sparx Systems software including Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server and Prolaborate.  This service is designed for organizations in the United States, Canada and Mexico with support during local business hours. 

Why you need a Premium Technical Support contract

The manufacturer maintenance that comes with your Sparx Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server and Prolaborate software licenses provides you email-based support provided by Sparx Systems, including advice on usage of the software, investigation of bugs, fixes, repairs of models and general product support during business hours in the Australian time-zone. 

There are no service level agreements or minimum/maximum response times in place with this support. For organizations that require “help-desk” type support in the configuration and usage of Sparx products during North American business hours, the Premium Technical Support offering from Sparx Services North America is designed to meet your needs.

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What is covered?

The Premium Technical Support offering from Sparx Services North America provides ad-hoc technical assistance to Sparx users and administrators  – bridging the gaps between your in-house support functions and the self-service support resources from Sparx Systems (the software manufacturer). 

Premium Technical Support contracts are available to all Sparx software users, whether purchased through Sparx Services North America, direct from Sparx Systems or through a Sparx partner. This service is ideal for small teams and individuals or larger organizations wanting to augment existing support resources. 

Examples of the types of issues that can be addressed using Premium Technical Support services include:

What if I need more than technical support?

The Premium Technical Support offering is designed to help with ad-hoc issues. If you need formalized training or on-site assistance, Sparx Services North America has a number of additional offerings available.

Send us a message using the contact form above and we’ll have someone contact you to discuss your unique needs.

What is the cost of an Premium Technical Support contract?

Each company’s implementation of the Sparx platform is unique, as are the skill levels of users/administrators and the availability of in-house support functions to support your Sparx implementation. To ensure support services meet each company’s unique needs, pricing is based upon the volume of support hours you require and can be used/shared across your organization. Support hours will be tracked 1/2 hr increments and expire after 12 months. Discounts are available for multi-year support contracts.
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