Discipline Based Productivity Solutions

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all ” solution for architecture and IT teams.  Each job discipline has their own unique charter, challenges, ways of working and needs when it comes to processes, skills and tools.  Achieving peak productivity is all about helping individuals to be as productive as they can be and teams to collaborate efficiently in achieving their shared goals.  

It is common for different parts of a team to operate at different levels of maturity.  Frameworks, standards and common tools can be effective tools for establishing a baseline level of operational maturity within your architecture organization.  Each discipline can then build upon this foundation with processes, skills and techniques specific to their individual charter.  At Sparx Services North America, we have tailored our consulting offerings to y

Architecture Leaders

Managing an architecture or business analysis practice can be tough.  A leader is constantly challenged to balance the strategic needs of the business, the agility needs of IT and the pragmatic needs of the architecture team that is trying to bring everything together.

Sparx Services North America has developed a set of service offerings specifically targeted to support architecture leaders in improving productivity, enhancing organizational impact and enabling delivery agility.  We can bring your organization an outside perspective to look at the big picture of your architecture practice, including: Governance, Processes, Tools, Skills and Frameworks.  

  • Architecture Governance and Process Consulting
  • Enterprise Architecture and Systems Development Health Check Assessments
  • Guidance on the Use of Industry Standards & Frameworks
  • Configuration and Integration of Architecture Modeling Tools
  • Customization of Reference Models
  • Using Architecture Content and Models to Drive Decision Making

Enterprise Architects have the challenge of seeing the big picture of the organization. They must understand how all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together in order to help leaders articulate a future state of where they want to be and develop a change roadmap on how to get there.

The trainers and consultants at Sparx Services North America are all experienced enterprise architects with decades of experience working with organizations large and small.  We understand what works and what doesn’t and how to adapt standards and processes to support the unique needs and culture of your organization.  We can help you to:

  • Implement Architecture Processes and Governance
  • Configure and train you to use Sparx Enterprise Architect to model the enterprise using EA frameworks including: TOGAF, DoDAF & MoDAF
  • Guide you on the use of EA tools and processes to support organizational change initiatives
  • Help you implement reference frameworks such as IT4IT, ITIL and Industry specific frameworks like those from the TMForum and Business Architecture Guild
  • Expand your architecture impact with tools and techniques for sharing models and architecture content across the enterprise with Pro Cloud Server and Prolabarate

Enterprise Architects

Business Architects

Business Architecture is all about driving change.  Organizations must continuously evolve and reinvent themselves in order to be competitive and profitable.  Business architects are tasked with helping company management articulate their goals, strategies and objective in a way that the rest of the organization can understand and support them.  They then work with business leaders and IT teams to find the right blend of people, processes, information and technology to achieve the company’s goals.  

Sparx Services North America’s offerings for Business Architects are built on best practices from the Business Architecture Guild, The Open Group and extensive experience working with companies and government organizations to use architecture to drive business change.  Offerings include:

  • Enabling digital transformation of business
  • Business process modeling
  • Value stream mapping
  • Capability modeling and analysis
  • Modeling strategy, goals and objectives
  • Using architecture to inform reorganization decisions

Business Analysts are the all important ‘glue’ and translators between business users and IT teams.  They are chartered with developing a deep understanding of how business processes work including the roles of individual actors, technology enabled automation and operational data.  Business analysts then translate their understanding of business needs into requirements that drive process improvement and solution development projects.

For business analysts, process modeling isn’t about drawing pretty pictures, its about explaining how things work in a way that others can understand and make informed decisions.  While many business analysts use basic tools like Visio and Powerpoint to support their activities, at Sparx Services North America we’ve seen a better approach.  Our consulting offerings are built on the best practices of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) along with the modeling capabilities of Sparx Enterprise Architect and the collaboration capabilities of Pro Cloud Server and Prolabarate.  Business analysis offerings include:

  • Best practices for requirements elicitation and requirements management
  • Modeling as-is and to-be business processes
  • Managing KPIs for business processes
  • Defining IT solution needs
  • Using modeling to assist in change management and adoption
  • Mapping operational dependencies
  • Communicating and collaborating with business stakeholders

Business Analysts

Solution Developers

Solution Architects and Developers have the challenge of taking business aspirations and marrying them to available technology options to create the devices, software, services and integrated systems that enable the business to achieve their operational goals.  Solution development is where technical complexities can either enable greatness or create problems that will thwart company ambitions.  At Sparx Services North America, we understand that getting solution architecture and design right is essential to company success – in order to do this, solution architects and developers need the right set of tools to do their job effectively.

Sparx Services North America has developed a set of solution development focused service offerings to enable IT project teams, solution architects and developers to learn how to apply modeling tools and techniques to support their job tasks – whether that be part of a large multi-release program or a small project.  Our staff are experts on the frameworks, processes, tools and methods used by organizations to transform business needs into technical reality  Offerings include:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Systems Design
  • Agile Development Methods
  • Modeling Automated Processes
  • Managing technical dependencies
  • Designing System Integrations