Premier Business Architecture Modeling Solution

“A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge®” (BIZBOK® Guide) from the Business Architecture Guild® is the premier set of best practices for the modern business architect professional. Sparx Services North America is excited to deliver the first BIZBOK-based modeling solution for the world’s most popular modeling tool – Sparx Enterprise Architect!

Example Value Map for the Deliver Strategic Outcomes value stream.

BIZBOK Guide MDG Technology

The BIZBOK Guide MDG Technology from Sparx Services North America is a free plug-in available to anyone with a current license for Sparx EA that you can easily download and install to immediately begin taking the next steps in maturing your Business Architecture practice.

  • Capture comprehensive and holistic business architecture content
    • Support for all four BIZBOK Foundation domains (Capability, Value Stream, Information, Organization)
    • Support for all five BIZBOK Extension domains (Strategy, Initiative, Policy, Product, Stakeholder)
    • Multiple diagram types for each domain (e.g. Value Map, Value Stream Specification, Value Stream Cross-Map)
  • Employ distinctive notation using specialized icons and shapes for all BIZBOK element and relationship types
  • Generate professional looking reports directly from models
    • Value Stream Specification report template
  • Automatically build diagrams from model using provided diagram scripts
    • Value Stream Stage Capability Cross-Map
    • Capability Hierarchy
  • Easily construct heat maps using Value and Capability models
  • Visualize business architecture relationships using relationship matrices and trace-ability trees
  • Easily build conformant models using the Quick Link feature
  • Integrate BIZBOK-based business architecture models with other models created with other modeling languages and frameworks
    • TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, DoDAF/UPDM™/UAF®, SysML®, UML®, BPMN™
Leverage BIZBOK Industry Reference Models
  • Load the published BIZBOK industry reference models directly into Sparx Enterprise Architect
    • Insurance Industry Reference Model
    • Financial Services Industry Reference Model
    • Common Reference Model
System Requirements

The BIZBOK MDG plug-in for Sparx EA requries Enterprise Architect v13.5 or highter For best results and to exploit the full set of features of the BIZBOK Guide MDG Technology, we recommend using Enterprise Architect v14.  If you need to renew your Sparx EA license, you can renew online here

Installation Instructions

Click here to view instructions for installing and configuring the BIZBOK Guide MDG Technology.