BIZBOK® Guide MDG Technology – Installation Instructions

Installation and Configuration

The following instructions are based on Enterprise Architect v13.5 Build 1352.

Step 1:Download BIZBOK Guide MDG Technology files.
Step 2:Connect to EA repository. Open (or create) the EAP file (or database/cloud connection) to which you wish to apply the BIZBOK Guide MDG Technology.
Step 3:Import MDG Technology. This file contains the BIZBOK diagram types, element types, and relationship types used for creating models.
1.Select Publish[Technology]PublishImport MDG Technology from the ribbon menu.
2.In the Import MDG Technology window, select the BIZBOK_MDGTech_v1_0.xml file for Filename and press OK.
Step 4:Import Reference Data. This file contains report templates and scripts.
1.Select Configure[Model] TransferImport Reference Data from the ribbon menu.
2.In the Import Reference Data window, select the BIZBOK_Scripts_Reports_RefData.xml file.
3.Select Automation Scripts and RTF Document Templates in the Name list and press Import.
4.Close the Import Reference Data window.
Step 5:Copy Model Wizard XMI file.
1.Using Windows Explorer, copy the BIZBOK_ProjectTemplate_ModelWizard_XMI.xml to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA\ModelPatterns folder.
Step 6:Import Example Model. Optional step to load an example model that you can review for guidance on how to build BIZBOK models in EA.
1.Right-mouse click over a top-level root node in the Project Browser (where you would like to import the example model) and select Import Model from XMI.
2.When asked if it is okay to import the XMI file press Yes.
3.When asked to import as a root model press Yes.
4.Press Close after the import has completed.

The MDG Technology for BIZBOK Guide should now be installed in your EA model.

Required Settings

As UML Use Case was selected as the base element type for Value Stream, there is a default setting you need to change to allow you to resize Value Streams without a fixed aspect ratio.

Here are the instruction for changing that setting in EA v13:

1.Select Start[Workspace]Preferences from the ribbon menu.
2.In the Preferences window, select the Objects section on the left.
3.Check Allow elongated Use Cases and press OK.

You should now be able to resize Value Stream elements horizontally and vertically independent from one another.