BIZBOK® Guide MDG Technology v1.0

The v1.0 release of the MDG Technology for BIZBOK® Guide for Sparx Enterprise Architect is now Available!

Who:Sparx Services North America
What:UML Profile
Where:Business Architecture Guild
When:14 Mar 2018
More Information
Required Settings

As we selected UML Use Case as the base element type for Value Stream, there is a default setting you need to change to allow you to resize Value Streams without a fixed aspect ratio.

Here are the instruction for changing that setting in Sparx EA:

  1. Select Start->[Workspace]->Preferences from the main menu.
  2. In the Preferences window, select the Objects section on the left.
  3. Check Allow elongated Use Cases and press OK.

You should then be able to resize Value Stream elements horizontally and vertically independent from one another.

Release Notes

– Information Concept: Added <<collects>>, <<relatedTo>>, and <<specializes>> relationships to UML profile and toolboxes.
– Information Concept Instance: Added <<linkedTo>> relationships to UML profile and toolboxes.
– Value Stream Stage: Deleted all tagged values except Entrance Criteria and Exit Criteria.
– Value Stream Stage: Added “Is Expanded” diagram property (available via right-mouse click on diagram) that when checked will display the name at the top, instead of in the center (when “Is Expanded” is unchecked).
– Value Stream Stage: Added “Is Decomposed” tagged value that when set to “Yes” will display a plus-sign at the bottom of the symbol (when “Is Expanded” is set to “false”).
– Value Stream: fixed issue with shape script where name was displaying outside of the border.
– Added Heatmap Status and Criticality tagged values to Value Stream and Value Stream Stage.
– Changed some base diagram types from those that have specialized UML behaviors (Sequence & Timing):
– Initiative Map diagram: Changed to Deployment.
– Strategy Map diagram: changed to Interaction Overview.
– Value Map diagram: changed to Analysis.
– Changed source role name on Initiative <<composedOf>> relationship from “Comprised Of” to “Part Of” to match other composition relationships.
– Updated all relationships that extend Association that do not have custom shape script to display arrowhead and updated toolbox icon accordingly:
– <<alignsWith>>, <<defines>>, <<funds>>, <<guides>>, <<similarTo>>, <<sourcedFrom>>
– Added Stakeholder->Owns->Objective relationship type to metamodel and profile.
– Strategy->Realizes->Objective relationship was backwards in metamodel (and profile), so reversed it.
– Stakeholder and Stakeholder Type shape scripts are truncated by a couple of pixels at the top. Fixed the shape scripts accordingly.
– Changed <<relatedTo>> to have unspecified navigability (i.e. no arrowheads on either end by default).
– Added UML <<enumeration>> to Information Map toolbox.
– Product: Added new relationships: <<bundles>> as Aggregation and <<specializes>> as Generalization.

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