Enterprise Architect

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, the world leading modeling tool, enables you to effectively innovate, collaborate and deliver on processes, software, systems and architecture.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a collaborative modeling, design and management platform based on UML 2.5 and related standards. Enterprise Architect is: 

  • Agile, intuitive and extensible with fully integrated, powerful domain specific high-end features at a fraction of the cost of many competitors.
  • An enterprise wide solution for visualizing, analyzing, modeling, testing and maintaining a wide range of systems, software, processes and architectures.
  • Team based, with a proven track record and 850,000+ users worldwide.
  • Scalable, standards compliant toolset that is perfect for your next project.

There are four Editions to Enterprise Architect. The following pages will help you explore the differences in capabilities and price.  As always, if you would like a Sparx Services North America representative to help you with this decision, help is only a click away.  CONTACT US 


Starter Edition

A fully featured UML modeling environment for workgroups, analysts and developers. Includes support for multi user projects and code engineering (import/export/synchronization).


Enterprise  Workhorse
Includes all the features of the Professional version, with the added ability to use a variety of DBMS’s for shared model repositories. Also includes role-based security, auditing and baseline merge tools for managing concurrent users. This edition is for larger teams that require fine-grained control in shared modeling environments. 


Power Tools & Critical Frameworks

As a business, systems and software development professional working on real-time, embedded and systems solutions using UML, SysML, DDS, DMN, BPSim and related technologies, this edition of Enterprise Architect has features and built in tools to help you and your team deliver the best solution possible.


Access All Areas

For power users and those working across multiple domains, the Ultimate Edition offers the complete Enterprise Architect experience. A complete package, the Ultimate Edition contains all the features and bundled software of the other editions.