Maximizing ROI from the Sparx Architecture Platform

Sparx Enterprise Architect is the world’s leading architecture modeling tool, with over 850,000 users worldwide.  Over the past few years, the Sparx Architecture Platform has expanded beyond just a modeling tool to include Pro Cloud Server (an integration platform) and Prolaborate (for sharing architecture content across the enterprise). Sparx Services North America offers a series of implementation consulting services to help your organization accelerate time to value and maximize ROI from the Sparx Architecture Platform.

The Purpose of Architecture is to Drive Value

One of the biggest challenges of the architecture profession is that, while architecture models are often interesting, they aren’t always useful to drive the type of value that organizations seek.

As SSNA consultants and trainers with clients, we understand that companies invest in architecture because they understand that their businesses are complex and need someone to understand the big picture of how things work and provide a perspective on what is needed to drive change. Our job is to help your architects be more effective in creating value by giving them the skills, tools, processes and best practices they need to be successful

Architecture value isn’t measured by how many models you create or how many project reviews you conduct. It is measured by the impact these activities have on things like profitability, resource utilization, IT costs, service assurance, business agility and time to market for new products. If you want to improve these types of KPIs, Sparx Services North America can help.

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Maximize ROI from your Sparx Architecture Platform

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