Applied IT Architecture using Sparx EA

A 1-week intensive course to give IT Architects the skills they need to succeed


The Applied IT Architecture course provides IT Architects and senior level engineers with the skills and training they need to do effective Solution Architecture.  This course integrates best practices from the TOGAF® standard for enterprise architecture, the ArchiMate Specification for architecture modeling and the BIZBOK Guide® to business architecture – supported by the robust modeling capabilities of the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect platform.

This isn’t a concept/theory course like many IT Architecture and Enterprise Architecture courses you may find from other providers – This course will teach the students how to do real solution architecture using Sparx modeling tools.  Whether you are an IT engineer aspiring to become a solution architect, a project team tasked with implementing new IT capabilities, or a seasoned IT architect looking for practical guidance on how to leverage Sparx EA effectively, this course is for you!  Combine this course with the Applied Business Architecture course and 1:1 mentoring for a comprehensive enterprise architecture training program.

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  • Understand what IT architecture is and how it helps to solve business and technology problems
  • Apply architecture industry standards
    • TOGAF® Standard v9.2
    • ArchiMate® Specification v3.1
  • Understand and apply TOGAF Architecture Development Method for IT architecture projects
  • Understand the difference between “drawing pictures” and “building models”
    • Navigate within an existing repository
    • Interact with existing content to understand multi-dimensional relationships
    • Create new diagrams exploiting existing content
  • Develop business architecture content based on TOGAF Standard and ArchiMate Specification best practices using Sparx Enterprise Architect
    • Define IT initiative and its strategy
    • Cross-map strategy to business strategy
    • Develop an architecture vision
    • Organize the architecture repository
    • Create high-level process model
    • Describe high-level data architecture and associated requirements
  • Apply architecture and modeling skills to a real-world IT initiative


Part I: Foundation

  1. Course Overview
  2. Architecture Value Proposition
  3. IT Architecture Viewpoints (ArchiMate and UML)
  4. Architecture Repository
  5. Configure Enterprise Architect (EA)
  6. Navigate Repository (EA)
  7. Explore Metamodel (EA)

Part II: Strategy

  1. Exploring Relationships in EA
  2. Aligning Solution Requirements to architecture vision and strategy

Part IV: Process and Data Modeling

  1. Organizing content in the EA Repository
  2. Process Modeling Fundamentals (ArchiMate)
  3. Modeling Business Processes in EA
  4. Data Architecture (TOGAF & ArchiMate)
  5. Describing Data Architecture in EA

Part IV: IT Architecture

  1. Application Architecture (TOGAF & ArchiMate)
  2. Modeling Application Interactions in EA
  3. Managing Baselines in EA
  4. Mapping Application and Data Architectures in EA
  5. Technology Architecture (TOGAF & ArchiMate)
  6. Describing Technology Architectures in EA
  7. Developing transition and target state models for solution development
  8. Generating Solution Design documents from EA
  9. Producing architecture roadmaps in EA
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  • Application architect
  • Technology architect
  • Solution architect
  • Business architect
  • Business analyst
  • Business relationship manager
  • Enterprise architect
  • Data architect
  • IT Manager


5 days
This course can be delivered either on-site at your location or remotely as a virtual class.  It can also be tailored and/or combined with 1:1 mentoring or consulting services for even greater results.


Experience in planning, business analysis, and/or solution delivery. Basic modeling skills are helpful and can be obtained either through experience or the 1 day “Introduction to Modeling with Sparx EA course”

System Requirements

Latest version of Sparx Enterprise Architect

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