Standards-based Offerings for the Telecom Industry

A complete set of standards based offerings to support customers in the telecommunications industry from the experts at Sparx Services North America.  

Bringing together leading telecom industry framework content from the TM Forum, standards based modeling notation from The Open Group, the world’s leading modeling tools from Sparx and decades of consulting and training experience to provide a comprehensive set of products and services tailored to the unique needs of CSPs and other companies in the telcom industry.

The Complete TM Forum Frameworx Content Ready to Use Today!

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Sparx Services North America

Why choose the Frameworx offerings from Sparx Services North America

  • Available for Frameworx version 17.5 and 18.0 (inquire about other versions)
  • Save time and effort of using contractors to translate and update Frameworx content
  • Manage changes from one Frameworx version to another with robust comparison and analytics tools
  • Support for companies using multiple Frameworx versions at the same time
  • Integrate Frameworx content with your existing architecture models for benchmarking and decision support
  • Not just a content or tool offering - a full suite of services to help you use TM Forum Frameworx more effectively
  • Includes updates for future Frameworx releases
  • Advanced support from experts at Sparx Services North America

TM Forum Frameworx
Reference Model Content Packs

Sparx EA Content Pack for eTom

The eTom Business Process Framework is provided as a set of a business processes based on ArchiMate, a modelling language developed by The Open Group.

Using the Sparx EA Content Pack for eTom, you can present your executives with a the state of the as-is corporate IT application landscape in the context of eTOM processes.

Sparx EA Content Pack for TAM

The TAM Application Framework provides a common language and may help rationalize your IT portfolio as part of a digital transformation initiatives.

The TAM content pack provides logical groupings of applications, then describes each application’s functionality.

Sparx EA Content Pack for SID

The SID Information Framework provides a reference model and common vocabulary for all the information required to implement Business Process Framework (eTOM) processes.

The SID content pack translates these into 5,000 UML classes that can be used to accelerate service and system integration, development and design.

Sparx EA Content Pack for Open APIs

The Sparx EA Content Pack for Open APIs provides the 50 REST-based Open APIs defined in the Frameworx repository. 

The APIs offer an enable traceability of solutions to the real business problems they address

TM Forum Q&A

The TM forum recently interviewed Sparx Services North America President and Chief Architect Chris Armstrong to discuss how industry standards like the TM Forum Frameworx are being used by Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to rationalize IT portfolios and drive informed business decisions

A full suite of offerings from Sparx Services North America

Frameworx Content Packs for Sparx EA