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Sparx Systems Architecture Platform

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Enterprise Architect

The world’s leading architecture modeling software

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Integrate architecture repository with your other IT systems

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Share architecture content across the enterprise, collaborate with non-technical stakeholders, curated dashboards to drive decision making​

Implementation Services

Accelerate time to value by leveraging the experience of the experts at Sparx Services North America to help you:

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Install and configure the Sparx Systems Architecture Platform

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Migrate data from another architecture tool to Sparx

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Integrate your Sparx platform with other systems like ITSM, PPM and reporting

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Governance best practices for using Sparx to support your architecture practice

Training and Mentoring

The Sparx Systems architecture platform provides a robust and flexible set of capabilities for modeling out various facets of your organization’s architecture and operations.  Enhance your team’s performance by giving them the skills and best practices to do their jobs effectively.  Courses can be delivered either on-site or virtually and can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

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What makes our training approach different?

There are companies that offer training on their software platform.  There are others that offer canned certification classes.  The problem with these courses is that students spend a week or more in class learning about academic concepts applied to a fictitious company, take a test and get a piece of paper saying they learned something. The next week, they go back to work and are on their own to figure out how to apply the things they learned in their day-to-day work.  They have forgotten most of what they learned and struggle to apply the rest. 

At Sparx Services North America, we believe the purpose of training is to give people the skills and mindset to be more productive in their jobs and deliver more value to your organization.  Our training leverages standards, but what students will learn is how to use the standards along with the Sparx platform to deliver value in their company.  We are going to give you the practical content and guidance you need to be more effective.

Consulting Services

Sparx Services North America brings together industry experts and master practitioners who have spent decades working with companies to do architecture and drive business change.  

We believe architecture should be more than pretty pictures to hang on the wall of your office to impress people but rather a tool to help drive transformational change and business value.  Consulting practice areas include:

Standards-based Content for Sparx Systems EA

Industry standards and frameworks are a powerful tool to both accelerate architecture development and increase business impact.  Sparx Services North America offers reference models, process libraries, training courses and implantation guidance for many industry leading frameworks and standards.

Premium Technical Support

Premium Technical Support from Sparx Services North America provides ad-hoc technical assistance to Sparx users and administrators – bridging the gaps between your company’s in-house support functions and the self-service support resources from Sparx Systems.

Industry Use Cases

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Aerospace & Defense Contractors

Energy and Utilty

Energy & Utility

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MITA Solutions

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Sparx Services North America is an active contributor to the standards community. We believe some of the best ideas come from collaborating with businesses, government organizations, educational institutions and seasoned practitioners who have a real-world understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

About Us...

At Sparx Services North America, all our efforts are directed to helping companies address their most compelling business needs. By enabling architects, business analysts, project teams and decision makers to be more effective and productive, we believe we can help their organizations accomplish great things by solving real problems for architects and business analysis practitioners.

Sparx Services North America is unique in that we can provide a full suite of solutions to meet your team’s needs. We can help you obtain licenses for Sparx Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server and MDG Add-Ins, consult with you on architecture processes and tool configuration and train your staff to use the tools effectively.  We aren’t just here to sell you software – we are here to help your architecture team be successful in adding value to your organization.