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Sparx Services North America is your preferred source for the "world's best modeling software" - Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Sparx Enterprise Architect isn't just for modeling. It is a decision support tool to help you manage the complex process and technology involved in a modern business.

Pro Cloud Server and WebEA make architecture content accessible to your business stakeholders via mobile devices and web browsers.


Productivity and impact are essential to an architecture practice. Sparx Services North America offers a full catalog of skills courses to train your staff on the latest methods and techniques. We also offer tools courses to help your team leverage the powerful modeling and analysis tools of Sparx Enterprise Architect effectively.

Courses are offered either on-site or virtually and can be tailored to the unique needs of your organization

Sparx Services North America


Whether it's maturing your architecture practice, implementing industry standard frameworks, migrating to a new modeling tool or just mentoring team members, the experts at Sparx Services North America have decades of experience working with organizations large and small.

Not sure where to begin? Our health check services for Enterprise Architecture and Systems Development can give you an objective assessment to drive your improvement efforts

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Sparx EA License Renewals and Upgrades

We can help you renew and upgrade your Sparx Enterprise Architect licenses to take advantage of all of the new features EA 14 has to offer!

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You use tools, skills and frameworks together - Why do you have to get them from different places?

Sparx Services North America is unique in that we can provide a full suite of solutions to meet your team’s needs. We can help you obtain licenses for Sparx Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server and MDG Add-Ins, consult with you on architecture processes and tool configuration and train your staff to use the tools effectively.  We aren’t just here to sell you software – we are here to help your architecture team be successful in adding value to your organization.

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect is the most widely used modeling tool by enterprise, business and solution architects globally
  • Available at an affordable price for organizations of all sizes
  • Pro-Cloud Server and WebEA make architecture content accessible to a business audience
  • The ability to integrate with other operational systems to capture operational and master data from across the enterprise
  • MDG Add-Ins to support industry standard frameworks like TOGAF, Zachman, DoDAF and BIZBOK.
  • Executive Overview courses on the fundamentals of enterprise architecture including governance, processes, job roles and the use of frameworks (perfect for an IT leadership team)
  • Skills courses that cover fundamentals (like requirements management, systems design and agile)
  • Methods courses that cover standards and frameworks (TOGAF, BIZBOK, ArchiMate, SysML, etc)
  • Tools courses that teach staff how to use Sparx Enterprise Architect effectively to support their job specific activities – leveraging industry standards and best practices.
  • Refresher courses – Standards change and people change roles (Ideal for teams starting a new project)
  • Consulting on how to use tools, standards and processes to improve staff productivity and increase the impact of architecture efforts.
  • Enterprise Architecture and Systems Development Health Check services to advise leaders on strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement
  • Mentoring to practice leaders, project teams and individuals on architecture skills and techniques (everybody can benefit from some coaching)
  • Configuration, setup and integration of Sparx Enterprise Architect with other systems.
  • Migration from legacy modeling tools (including Visio)
  • System Administration and tuning guidance from the experts at Sparx on how to get the most out of your EA implementation.

At Sparx Services North America, all our efforts are directed to helping companies address their most compelling business needs. By enabling architects, business analysts, project teams and decision makers to be more effective and productive, we believe we can help their organizations accomplish great things by solving real problems for architects and business analysis practitioners.


Sparx Services North America is an active contributor to the standards community.  We believe some of the best ideas, methods and practices come from collaborating with businesses, government organizations and seasoned practitioners to understand what works and what doesn’t.