Government Purchasing

Sparx Systems Architecture solutions for US federal, state, local or tribal government organization, and government contractor subject to GSA purchasing regulations.

Architecture Modeling Software for Government Agencies

Government agencies and the private sector organizations that work with them are one of the US’s largest user communities for architecture modeling software. Federal and state regulations provide specific guidance that processes and systems be modeled and documented consistently. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is the leading tool government agencies use to comply with these regulatory mandates.

Government agencies also have specific purchasing and licensing requirements for employee and contractor software usage. These requirements can be complex, but failing to follow them can lead agency oversight authorities to block the usage of non-compliant software packages (even if it is critical to the agency’s mission). Organizations have recently begun to be more aggressive in their enforcement.

If your organization is subject to government procurement requirements, we can help you procure your government-compliant Sparx Systems Software licenses. Sparx Services North America has worked with the GSA to provide a purchasing and licensing vehicle for Sparx Systems software in compliance with federal government procurement regulations and GSA-negotiated pricing.

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Sparx Systems Software Licenses

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Services for Government Agencies

Training Difference

Solution Design

Our platform architects can work with your team to capture your platform requirements and operating environment, then collaborate with you to design your platform either on-premise or deployed in the cloud.

Assisted Deployment

Assisted Deployment

We can work with your deployment teams to build a solution from the design to configuration to deployment. You’ll benefit from Sparx Systems best practices.

Premium Technical Support

Technical Support

Our Premium Technical Support gives you access to expert information on implementation and technical issues with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, Prolaborate and Pro-Cloud Server.

Architects Meeting with Stakeholders


Sparx Services North America offers a wide range of architecture consulting services, including Business Process Modeling, Standards Implementation, Governance and more.

architecture analysis and portfolio management


We offer applied skills training to help your team leverage the powerful modeling and analysis capabilities to deliver value to projects, solutions, business processes and transformation initiatives.

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Sparx Services North America has been granted a GSA contract to license Sparx Systems software, including Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server, and Prolaborate, for government use via federal and GSA procurement vehicles. This includes US Government-approved EULA and GSA-negotiated pricing.

Procurement Options

For questions about purchasing directly through  Sparx Systems North America,  the GSA procurement, or obtaining multiple bids through partners,  or if you want to convert your existing Sparx Systems software licenses to US Government-compliant subscriptions, leverage negotiated pricing, contact us today.

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