TM Forum Open Digital Architecture for Sparx EA

Do you know where to target your transformation and IT investments to generate the most value for your organization?

Are you looking for a structured approach for determining the right set of capabilities to invest in to drive your company’s vision and strategy?

Do you need to rationalize your IT portfolio to ensure you have the right systems to support the business’s needs while at the same time cutting operational costs?

A full suite of offerings for the Telecom Industry

Sparx Services North America brings a complete solution for Capability Based Planning and Portfolio Rationalization, including the leading industry Open Digital Architecture content from the TM Forum and the world’s leading architecture platform from Sparx Systems. The experts at SSNA bring decades of consulting and training experience, providing a comprehensive set of products and services tailored to the unique needs of CSPs and other companies in the telecom industry.
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  • Ready to load content packs for the full set of TM Forum Open Digital Architecture
  • Pro Cloud Server and Prolaborate – Share your architecture content across the enterprise
  • Integration of your existing architecture with Open Digital Architecture reference models
  • Consulting services to help you use Open Digital Architecture to drive business value
  • Sparx Certified training courses to help your team be more effective

Open Digital Architecture Content Packs for Sparx Enterprise Architect

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Sparx Services North America has done the transformation work for you and compiled the Open Digital Architecture content into a set of reference model add-ins that can be easily installed and configured into your company’s Sparx Enterprise Architect repository in a few days with your team being able to use them within a few weeks. With an active maintenance agreement you will receive updated content packs for each new release of Open Digital Architecture from the TM forum (currently twice per year).


Digital Maturity Model for the Telecom industry


Business Operating Model

Business Architecture

Business Capability Model and Value Streams


Information Framework


Application Architecture Reference Model

Open APIs

Integration Specifications for the Telecom industry

Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

Method for doing Enterprise Architecture

Sparx Services North America offers the full set of TM Forum Open Digital Architecture reference models available as content pack add-ins for the Sparx Enterprise Architect platform. Open Digital Architecture represents a wealth of knowledge created over many years through the collaboration of thought leaders and practitioners across the Telecom industry. SSNA has transformed all the Open Digital Architecture content into architecture models that are ready to load into Sparx EA so your company can begin leveraging them to support capability-based planning, application portfolio rationalization and other use cases.  To transform and load all the Open Digital Architecture content using internal staff or contractors, you are easily looking at thousands of hours of effort and waiting months before the models are ready to use… and every time the TM forum releases a new version of Open Digital Architecture, you will need to go through the process all over again.
  • Removes the barriers for doing enterprise architecture using Open Digital Architecture
  • Don’t spend 6-12 months getting setup, faster time to value
  • You don’t need your high paid architects recreating models, buy the models and use your smart people to accelerate business change
  • A core architecture premise is re-use. Practice what you preach.  Re-use starts with use
  • You can use these models as a tool to collaborate with different people in different roles: business, developers, project teams, executives, analysts, etc

Capability Based Planning with Open Digital Architecture and Sparx EA

Basic Skills
Capability based planning is a technique for planning what business and technical capabilities you need to invest in to realize your organization’s strategy. It utilizes a holistic architectural approach combined with objective analysis of the cost and value indicators that help you directly tie individual projects and investments to the impacts they have on your organization. The output of capability-based planning is a change roadmap to guide implementation projects.

When you should do capability-based planning

Transformation Initiatives – Digital Transformation and other business change initiatives fundamentally transform your company’s operations. Capability based planning can give you a holistic picture of your future state operations and a roadmap to drive change quickly, safely and effectively so you can realize the value of business transformation faster.

New product development - Do you understand the full extent of changes needed to support a new product or service offering? From manufacturing and logistics to support, sales and regulatory compliance. Capability based planning provides a structured approach for ensuring that your whole company is ready for your new offerings.

Entry into new markets – Geographic expansion and growth into new industries can be difficult for organizations that are comfortable operating in a “home market”. Capability based planning can help you discover the changes needed to scale your operations and adapt to the nuances of the broader marketplace.

What makes the SSNA offerings for application portfolio rationalization different?​

The experts from Sparx Services North America have been working with IT organizations for decades, leveraging architecture-based approaches to IT planning. Sparx Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate provide the tools for mapping out the complexities of your IT application landscape so you can clearly see what systems you have and where they are being used across your organization. Using the TM Forum Open Digital Architecture as reference models, your company can leverage the best practices and insights of others in the industry to rationalize your portfolio against competitors and identify where to target investments in support of your digital maturity journey. Learn more about our other consulting offerings.

Application Portfolio Rationalization using TM Forum Open Digital Architecture

  • Facilitate the end-to-end application rationalization process
  • Help portfolio management teams apply architecture approach to IT planning
  • Work with solution development teams to align project scoping and delivery to target architecture
  • Implement and configuring Sparx Enterprise Architect for modeling solution architectures and developing change roadmaps
  • Install and configure the full set of Open Digital Architecture reference models in Sparx EA modeling tools so you don’t have to spend months recreating them
  • Help you map your company’s architecture to the Open Digital Architecture reference models so you can see how your applications match up against telecom industry best practices.
  • Creating tailored views and heatmaps to facilitate planning discussions and portfolio reviews with executives and business leaders
  • Monitor change/project execution for architecture alignment
Fully Administered

Why choose the Open Digital Architecture offerings from Sparx Services North America

  • Not just a content or tool offering – a full suite of services to help you use Open Digital Architecture effectively
  • Integrate Open Digital Architecture content with your existing architecture models for benchmarking and decision support
  • Save time and effort of using contractors to translate and update Open Digital Architecture content
  • Available for Open Digital Architecture version 17.5, 18.0, 18.5, 19.0 (inquire about other versions)
  • Includes updates for future Open Digital Architecture releases
  • Advanced support from experts at Sparx Services North America