Requirements Management

Integrating requirements management with architecture has never been easier.

Sparx Systems Architecture Platform directly integrates with the most popular enterprise requirements management tools, including Jira, Jama Connect, and Azure DevOps.

Training Difference

Direct Integration with Jira, Jama Connect, and Azure DevOps

With Sparx Systems, there is no need for a third-party integration solution. All Jira, Jama Connect, and Azure DevOps integrations are included with the Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server middleware. Additional integrations for Jira and Azure DevOps are available in the Prolaborate collaboration product.

If you have Enterprise Architect and connect to your repository via a cloud connection today, you already have access to this powerful and accessible requirements management solution. If you don’t have the Sparx Architecture Platform yet or are still working from a file-based repository, we can help you get started with a SaaS or self-hosted implementation.

Requirements Transparency and Traceability Are More Important Than Ever

Requirements management has long been important in enterprise architecture, but seamless integrating the required tools within an architectural platform has experienced renewed focus in enterprises today. Download our complimentary whitepaper to learn what is driving this focus and how organizations improve transparency and traceability through architecture designs.If your enterprise wants to get better value for technology project investments by integrating requirements with architecture, download this free whitepaper.

Need help implementing requirements tracing within your organization?

Sparx Services North America specializes in integrating the Sparx Architecture Platform with other requirements. Contact us if you need help:
  • Configuring Jira, Jama Connect, or Azure DevOps to meet your unique needs
  • Providing your staff with the skills they need to use their tools effectively

Realize the full value of requirements tracing. Reach out to talk with one of our requirements management specialists today.

Basic Skills

If you want to realize the full value of requirements tracing, contact us to talk with one of our requirements management specialists today.