Architecture Consulting

Business Process Modeling

Have you ever needed to make a change to your IT systems but are unsure of the business systems it may impact because process documentation is outdated?

Our Business Process Modeling Service is designed to help capture the current state of your organization’s processes and fully document them. One of our lead architects will work with you and your business and IT stakeholders to map out the processes identify any system dependencies, interactions, and data flow within the process.

With these insights, you can make better-informed decisions regarding process improvements, application investment/retirement, and business process improvements.

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Architecture Consulting Options: Implementing Standards

Does conforming to a standard feel like fitting a square peg in a round hole? Why use just one standard when you can pick and choose the best from various frameworks? The Sparx platform supports all major architecture standards and frameworks, including TOGAF, DODAF, Zachman, BizBok, or modeling languages like UML, SysML, Archimate, or BPMN and architecture modeling standards.

We can help you understand what standards are available, choose and integrate the right standards, and finally implement the standards within your platform. We can tailor any standards within your Sparx implementation to your company’s internal frameworks.

Industry Reference Models

We can assist in bringing any industry-specific reference models into the Sparx Systems platform, including process, business, or full-stack architecture reference models.

We help your organization leverage reference models and develop benchmarks to compare what you’re doing to the industry models. This is invaluable for transformation planning, application rationalization, or portfolio management, and acquisition integration.

BIZBOK Foundation

Architecture Consulting Options:  Governance

We help you structure your organization’s architecture repository to make sure shared elements have the proper controls in place so that individuals or teams have the appropriate workspaces to do their jobs and work on projects in a safe and controlled manner.

We assist with architect role-based access control. We work with you to determine what users should access and work with data. We also develop processes to check the content out correctly or review and approve changes that might impact other people or projects within the organization.

Developing Architecture Meta-Models

Developing architecture meta-models is critical to your organization’s internal taxonomy describing business capabilities, processes, and applications. It also can prevent unnecessary architectural sprawl within an architecture repository.

We’ll meet with you to understand your architecture structure and data, develop an architecture meta-model, implement it within the Sparx Systems Architecture Platform, and customize any stereotypes or toolboxes. This way, you can ensure future designs are created consistently across the organization.

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Architecture Practice Maturity

Regardless of where your organization is in its architectural journey, we can meet your needs and help you get to your ultimate destination.

Maybe your business is at the start of its trek to launch a new architecture. Or perhaps, it’s ready to scale processes from a team to a department to a business unit to a multinational organization. Your organization could be even further along having decided to centralize an architecture practice or even federate it out to different business units into more of a collaborative model.

Our architecture practice maturity engagement will assess where you are today, where you’re trying to go over the next three to five years, and help you understand what needs to change in order to get there.

Maximize ROI from your Sparx Systems Architecture Platform