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Consulting Services

Sparx Services North America offers a full suite of consulting service offerings to help your team be more effective in generating value for your organization.  Some of or our more popular consulting services are:

  • Architecture Governance
  • Training, Coaching and mentoring
  • Working with project teams to use modeling tools and best practices in their projects
  • Optimizing processes and tools
  • Implementing Industry standards and frameworks
  • Enterprise Architecture Health Check Service
  • Systems Engineering Health Check Service
  • Configuration and setup of Sparx Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server, WebEA and Model Flow
  • Integration with other operational systems.
  • Migration from a legacy modeling tool to Sparx Enterprise Architect

Establishing an effective Enterprise Architecture or Business Analysis Practice within your organization is a critical part of ensuring consistent delivery. Sharing ideas, managing requirements and enabling individuals on your team to collaborate with each other is essential to driving the transformational changes that modern organizations require. The experts at Sparx Services North America have been working with companies and government organizations for decades to implement best practices, standards, governance processes and tools to make analysis and architecture efforts successful.

Whether you need tool configuration services, process improvement guidance, governance best practices or staff mentoring, our experts are here to help. We can help you take the box of miscellaneous pieces (tools, processes, standards, models and skills) and turn them into an effective business analysis practice that will help your people be more productive and your company grow.

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