Enterprise Architecture Solutions


For individuals and consultants

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect installed locally on your PC provides a low-cost way for individuals to get started with modeling. Choose between the Professional, Corporate, Unified, or Ultimate Editions to access the robust architecture features you need for the types of architectures you are modeling and MDG add-ins to extend Enterprise Architect for the modeling languages you. Virtual EA 101 training courses offered twice a month to jump start your productivity and remote mentoring services are available to help develop more advanced modeling skills.

Solutions from Sparx Services North AmericaSmall Teams

For small teams of architects

The Sparx Architecture Platform provides an ideal collaboration solution for small teams of 5-20 architectes. Available either hosted or deployed on-premise, small team solutions include a shared architecture repository, integrations with other applications and Sparx Prolaborate for curating architecture content for non-modelers:

Hosted Architecture Platform

Let Sparx Services North America manage the platform so your team can focus on building great architectures and solving your company’s business challenges. This entirely cloud-based, our platform features a hosted repository, streaming modeling clients, and the Prolaborate solution for collaboration with stakeholders. Your team can be up and running in less than a week without the ongoing administrative headache of backups, patching, monitoring and tuning your architecture platform

Other benefits include:

  1. Access to virtual Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate training courses to build baseline modeling skills and help team members understand how to curate architecture content for project stakeholders.
  2. “Sparx Services North America Office Hours” offers small group mentoring sessions once a month to help you along your architecture journey
  3. Private training courses, premium technical support, meta-model development and architecture consulting services are available as add-on services.

Guided Deployment. Designed for teams that prefer to set up and maintain their architecture as an on-premise solution, Sparx Services North America offers on-site licenses to launch and administer an on-premise database for yourself. Sparx Systems provides add-on expertise on designing, setting up, running, and administering the Sparx platform.

Solutions for Enterprise Architects

Solutions for Large teams

For companies or departments with up to 100 architects

Sparx Systems provides solutions designed to help you scale up and govern data more efficiently. Enable your architects to collaborate and engage with stakeholders, management, or project teams. We offer:

Full Architecture Platform

Never worry about software upgrades, patches, or user security again. Sparx Systems administers the infrastructure, so you don’t have to. Our architecture platform offers tremendous flexibility, including:

  1. Deployment via a single instance or pre-production environment.
  2. Connection via streaming clients for a complete SaaS solution or through a combination of streaming and desktop clients.

Take advantage of private EA101 training, Prolaborate team training, and eight hours a month of premium technical support and mentoring services for 12 months. We also offer intermediate training on requirements, management, model-based systems engineering, business architecture, enterprise architecture, meta-model development, and more.

On-Premise Deployment. If you prefer an on-site solution, Sparx Systems also offers on-site licenses for large teams. We can assist with solution architecture, set-up, and tier-two application support. We can also provide meta-model development to assist in migrating data from your current provider to the Sparx platform.

Enterprise SolutionsEnterprise Solutions

For multiple large teams of users across multiple regions

Our secure enterprise architect platform provides advanced security, high performance, and continuous availability. We offer:

Enterprise Cloud

Our hosted enterprise solution is designed with high availability and redundancy in mind, so you never have to worry about data access and security. This solution utilizes all of the cloud’s capabilities for failover redundancy and replication across regions to ensure that your critical data is always available. ServiceNow integration comes standard with our Enterprise platform. You can integrate your CMDB from ServiceNow and use CMDB content as architecture building blocks in designing your future state solutions from previous deployments.

Enterprise On-Premise

Sparx Solutions offers architecture and design software and services, assisted set-up, tier-two application support, governance, data migration assistance, architecture consulting, mentoring, practice management, and various training courses to help you get the full benefit from your enterprise solution.

Solutions for Government AgenciesGovernment Solutions

Sparx Systems is on the GSA schedule that makes it simple for you to deploy data on the Government cloud so that you can experience the same benefits as commercial customers within the government cloud-secure environment. Contact Sparx Systems for solution architecture assistance, set up help, tier-two application support, and customer support.