Streaming Modeling Client (SaaS)

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Streaming Clients deliver the robust modeling capabilities of Sparx systems Enterprise Architect without costly administrative burdens, performance issues and compatibility issues of a locally-deployed software.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Streaming Clients (SaaS)

Your Architects should be spending their time focusing on solving your business problems, not administering tools.  The Sparx Cloud Architecture Platform SaaS solution delivers state-of-the-art modeling capabilities without costly administrative burdens and compatibility issues of a locally-managed deployment.  With a hosted repository to enable your entire team to work together on the same model using the world’s leading architecture modeling tool Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, the Sparx Systems Cloud Architecture Platform provides a robust modeling platform for both small teams and large enterprises.  Engage and collaborate with stakeholders with interactive diagrams, dashboards, discussions and reviews enabled by Sparx Systems Prolaborate.  Complete your DevOps tool chain with included integrations to the industry leading requirements managements platforms: Atlassian Jira, Jama Connect and Microsoft Azure DevOps.  Take your Sparx Systems deployment to the next level by adding streaming modeling clients to your SaaS deployment.

Rather than install Sparx Systems Enterprise Architecture locally on your team's desktops, add streaming clients to your SaaS deployment to give you the freedom to:

Always work on the latest release.

Never wait on your company's software distribution processes or administrators to perform critical updates or patches. A SaaS model ensures your team is always working on the latest software.

Choose your operating system.

Our SaaS solution is platform-agnostic, allowing you to work in Windows, Mac, or Linux without ever having to run an emulator.

Skip the drivers.

With an Enterprise Architect Streaming Client, you won't need to connect to a remote database or repository from a desktop app, making the need for hard-to-find drivers unnecessary.

Avoid network latency and sluggishness.

Because a SaaS deployment moves the application closer to the hosted repository, you will see 3-5 times performance gains over connecting to a remote repository from a desktop application


A centrally managed SaaS model is the ultimate option for organizations looking to improve performance, compatibility, and manageability. With The Sparx Cloud Architecture Platform SaaS solution, you can leverage all of the robust features you’ve come to expect from Sparx Systems solutions without having to manage servers, update software or install Enterprise Architecture locally. Our SaaS solution runs faster on more types of computing hardware and saves you time and money.