Sparx Systems EA SaaS

Focus on Problem-Solving with Architecture, not Administering Tools​

EA Saas

EA SaaS is the ultimate solution for organizations looking to improve performance, compatibility, and manageability. Leverage all of the robust features you’ve come to expect from Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect without having to manage servers, update software, or install tools.

EA SaaS is hosted in secure cloud environments in the United States and Canada. It is available for Corporate, Unified, or Ultimate editions of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

EA SaaS offers distinct advantages over on-premise deployment

Lightning-fast performance.

EA SaaS is 5X faster than Enterprise Architect running on your desktop when connecting to a cloud repository

Runs on any device.

EA SaaS runs in a web browser; enabling you to work on any OS. That’s right! EA SaaS runs on Mac, too!

Streamlined user management and security

With SSO integration and unified identity management

No software to install.

You won’t have to deal with software distribution processes, user administrative access , or performing critical updates to keep users on the same versions.

Right-Sized for Your Business

Whether you are an individual, small team, or enterprise, EA SaaS and the Sparx Systems Cloud Architecture Platform provide robust capabilities for teams of all sizes and solutions to architects’ needs and challenges.

Solutions that Boost Productivity and Collaboration

EA SaaS + Cloud Architecture Repository
Maximize architects’ productivity.
Pair EA SaaS with a cloud-based architecture repository to give your team a workspace designed for productivity. Teams work on the shared models using the world’s leading architecture modeling tool Sparx Systems Enterprise
EA SaaS + Cloud Architecture Repository + Prolaborate
Collaborate with Stakeholders Easily.

Add Sparx Systems Prolaborate to your subscription to form a full-featured Cloud Architecture Platform. Prolaborate enables architects to engage and collaborate with stakeholders through interactive diagrams, dashboards, discussions, and reviews

Faster Time-to-Value with Cloud Solutions from Sparx Services North America

Deployment of a new architecture platform or migrating your existing Sparx Systems implementation to the cloud can be frightening and cumbersome for your IT staff and your Architects. Sparx Services North America specializes in cloud deployments and can step your team through each step of the process to have you up and running on EA SaaS and the Sparx Systems Cloud Architecture Platform in a few weeks, regardless of your business size.