Business Architecture is projected to be one of the most sought after architecture disciplines over the next few years. The Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BIZBOK) guide from the Business Architecture guild provides a set of best practices for how to do effective business architecture.

Sparx Services North America is your go-to source for BIZBOK modeling tools, reference models, training and consulting.

BIZBOK Certification Course

Sparx Services North America is a Business Architecture Guild Accredited Training Partner offering a 3 Day training course to prepare students for the Certified Business Architect exam. BIZBOK training courses can be taught either on-site or remotely.

BIZBOK Foundation is designed to provide students with an overview of “A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge® (BIZBOK Guide)” as a foundation for becoming a capable business architect and establishing an effective business architecture practice. Participants that successfully complete the training will be uniquely well-prepared to pass the Certified Business Architect® (CBA®) certification exam offered by the Business Architecture Guild®.

This is a concept/theory course intended to give you a solid understanding of the BIZBOK standard and the knowledge required to sit for the CBA® exam. This course is often combined with the Applied Business Architecture using Sparx EA course to provide a comprehensive business architecture curriculum.

Group of Enterprise Architects watching Seminar

Applied Business Architecture using Sparx Enterprise Architect

Teach your business architects to use the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BIZBOK) in their daily activities to drive business value for your organization. This applied training and mentoring offering will teach your team how to use the BIZBOK guide in the context of your organization, using the Sparx Architecture Platform. You use skills, standards and tools together, why not learn them together?

BIZBOK MDG Add-in For Sparx Enterprise Architect

The BIZBOK add-in provides a set of UML profiles, custom diagrams and toolboxes for modeling Business Architecture in Sparx Enterprise Architect based on BIZBOK Guide best practices. It also includes a report template for Value Stream Specification and a nested box diagram script for creating BZBOK models.
  1. Ability to represent all 9 BIZBOK modeling domains (Capability, Value, Information, Organization, Strategy, Stakeholder, Initiative, Policy, Product).
  2. Provides complete, high-fidelity business architecture coverage (as opposed to less than complete coverage by TOGAF and ArchiMate MDG Techs).
  3. Provides support for Business Architecture Guild reference models.

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