Training and Mentoring

Team member productivity and impact are essential to any architecture practice. Sparx Services North America offers a set of applied skills training designed to help your team leverage the powerful modeling and analysis capabilities of the Sparx platform to deliver value to your projects, solutions, business processes and transformation initiatives.

The Sparx platform provides a robust and flexible set of capabilities for modeling out various facets of your organization’s architecture and operations. Enhance your team’s performance by giving them the skills and best practices to do their jobs effectively. Courses can be delivered either on-site or virtually and can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

What makes our training approach different?

There are companies that offer training on their software platform. There are others that offer canned certification classes. The problem with these courses is that students spend a week or more in-class learning about academic concepts applied to a fictitious company, take a test and get a piece of paper saying they learned something. The next week, they go back to work and are on their own to figure out how to apply the things they learned in their day-to-day work. They have forgotten most of what they learned and struggle to apply the rest.

At Sparx Services North America, we believe the purpose of training is to give people the skills and mindset to be more productive in their jobs and deliver more value to your organization. Our training leverages standards, but what students will learn is how to use the standards along with the Sparx platform to deliver value in their company. We are going to give you the practical content and guidance you need to be more effective.

Training Difference

Training offerings can be delivered as stand-alone courses or bundled into programs. We can customize training to your organization’s unique needs.

Do you have internal standards you want to integrate into a course?

No problem!

Do you have remote staff or a large group of people that need training?

We can handle that!

Need help with a skill development program for your practice?

We can help!

Basic Skills

Basic Skills Workshops

Basic skills workshops are designed for teams or individuals who are new to the Sparx Platform. They are designed to help users learn how to use the tools effectively and safely so they can quickly start focusing on addressing your business challenges.

  • Intro to Sparx Enterprise Architect
  • Intro to Prolaborate
  • Administrating Sparx Platforms

Intermediate Tools Courses

Intermediate tools courses are designed for individuals who already understand the basics of operating in the Sparx environment but are looking for techniques and best practices for using Sparx Enterprise architects for specific job tasks.

Intermediate Classes
Advanced Applied Concepts

Advanced Applied Concepts

Advanced level applied concept engagements are designed for teams who want to leverage industry standards and best practices in their work. These are structured as hybrid training/mentoring engagements where an expert level consultant from Sparx Services North America is working on-site with the team for one or more weeks providing a combination of classroom learning (for base concepts), and hands-on mentoring in your Sparx environment, working on your company’s data. These aren’t certification courses that lead to a test and a piece of paper, this is on-the-job training to up-level your staff’s performance.


Sometimes you don’t need a formalized training course; you just need a mentor to talk through problems and offer advice. Our mentoring services offer one-on-one or small groups sessions intended to help teams of architects be more effective, focusing on their projects and the problems they’re trying to solve

We assist with architect role-based access control. We work with you to determine what users should access and work with data. We also develop processes to check the content out correctly or review and approve changes that might impact other people or projects within the organization.