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EA Saas

Are you looking for a powerful architecture solution that doesn’t require tedious server management or software updates? Look no further than Sparx Systems EA SaaS. Experience lightning-fast performance with EA SaaS – it’s 5X faster than Enterprise Architect running on your desktop when connecting to a cloud repository.

With Sparx EA SaaS, You Get:

  • Streamlined user management and security
  • SSO integration and unified identity management
  • Safe and secure data.
  • Runs on any device, including Macs, so you can work anywhere, anytime.
  • And best of all, there’s no software to install – so you can skip the hassle of user administrative access and critical updates.

EA SaaS is for businesses of all sizes, from individuals to small teams to enterprises. Plus, it comes with solutions that boost productivity and collaboration, like our Cloud Architecture Repository and Prolaborate. With Prolaborate, you can easily collaborate with stakeholders through interactive diagrams, dashboards, discussions, and reviews. Our cloud-based platform is the ultimate solution for organizations seeking improved performance, compatibility, and manageability.

BONUS – Deploying a new architecture platform or migrating your existing implementation to the cloud doesn’t have to be daunting. Let Sparx Services North America guide you through the process and have you up and running on EA SaaS and the Sparx Systems Cloud Architecture Platform in no time.


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