Mentoring Support

Sparx Enterprise Architecture and Project Mentoring Support

Sometimes you don’t need a formalized training course; you just need an expert to talk through the problems and offer sage advice. Our mentoring services offer one-on-one or small group sessions intended to help teams of architects be more effective, focusing on their projects and the problems they’re trying to solve.

Our Mentoring services are delivered by world class Enterprise Architects with extensive knowledge and exceptional skills developed over decades in various industries. If our experts can help you, nobody can.

Our Mentoring Packages

  • Office hours – Monthly sessions to answer your all your nagging architecture questions
  • Architecture Coaching subscription – Designed for 1 on 1 or small groups and provides ongoing coaching for improved EA skills on an ongoing basis.
  • Project Advisory Services – Guidance in support of your projects for Languages, Techniques and direction to take.


Stop getting stuck and start moving forward with the expert guidance we provide.

Model Based Systems Engineering with OMG SysML – 2 Days

This theory course is ideal for practicing systems engineers who want to learn how to apply model-driven systems engineering practices using the OMG SysML™.

Systems Engineering with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect – 2 Days

This course provides the attendee with a hands-on opportunity to learn how to capture systems engineering models with the OMG Systems Modeling Language within Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Premium support and maintenance agreements are available either directly through Sparx Services North America or through Sparx Systems Partners and Resellers.  If your Sparx Systems reseller partner has questions, please have them reach out to for assistance.

Integrating Sparx EA with your Requirements Management System

This consulting service will design and implement a requirements management plan with a traceability strategy and implement integration between Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and your Requirements Management Engineering toolset (Polarion, Jama Connect, Atlassian Jira, etc.)
Application Portfolio Managment

Migrating Enterprise Architect Models from SysML 1.x to SysML 2.0

Moving from SysML 1.x to SysML 2 is not a trivial activity and should be done under the guidance of an expert. This consulting service is designed for companies using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, guiding you through migrating existing SysML 1.x models to SysML 2.0, including migration to the new metamodel, converting diagrams and training your team on changes required to their modeling activities.

Configuring your Sparx Architecture Platform for Systems Engineering & Traceability Analysis

This consulting engagement will configure your Sparx Architecture Platform for use as a Systems Engineering solution for performing design work and traceability analysis, including repository structure, tailored metamodel, RBAC, Custom MDG technology with diagrams, stereotype extensions and toolboxes tailored to your organization, importing existing data from other tools, spreadsheets, local EA projects, etc. and building of Prolaborate dashboards.

SysML & MBSE Mentoring 

(2 or 4 hours per month)

2 or 4 hours per month of “Sparx Office Hours” with a subject matter expert to discuss best practices around OMG SysML and Enterprise Architect usage and application within your Systems Engineering projects.