Sparx Enterprise Architect v15.1 Beta Release is now Available

The latest Sparx Enterprise Architect build contains some cool new features that you will definitely want to check out! Sparx Systems announced availability of the Sparx Enterprise Architect v15.1 beta release for registered users with active maintenance on their EA licenses. We’re excited to report that it contains some long-awaited features that will make the job of creating agile architectures in support of digitally transformed business processes much easier. See the full set of release notes.

If your licenses have expired and you’d like to gain access to the Sparx EA v15.1 Beta, Sparx Services North America can help you with renewals. Contact us for assistance.

Release Highlights

Here are just a few of the key features in the new release that you’ll want to check out:

  • Perspective Management: This feature is a must-have for distributed architecture teams with different types of architects working together on your enterprise models. You can define your own custom perspectives, that limit the available modeling constructs, control the rules on how solutions are created in alignment with your metamodel and architecture policies and hide stuff that specialized architects don’t need to see (giving them a simpler user interface)
  • Enhanced Decision Modeling with DMN: Digital Transformation and the use of Machine Learning within your organization make modeling your decision rules more important than ever. Sparx upgraded their support for DMN in this release with new expression editor capabilities, rule validation, simulation and more. If you haven’t checked out decision modeling using Sparx EA yet, you should download the Sparx EA v15.1 beta today and give it a try.
  • Multi-Language Support: The Sparx EA v15.1 beta includes enhanced support for multiple languages, both within your architecture models and the ability to generate translated documentation in different languages. This capability is essential for companies needing to support stakeholders and team members in different regions – especially if you are using Prolaborate to support enterprise collaboration.
  • ArchiMate 3.1: The Open Group recently released v3.1 of the ArchiMate modeling notation. Sparx EA v15.1 supports Value Stream element types in ArchiMate and includes out-of-the-box ArchiMate views to include new version 3.1 relationship types.

To learn more about Sparx Enterprise Architect v15.1, check out the release page for full release notes and a download of the beta. If you’d like to learn more about how to leverage the new features of EA 15 or other solutions that make up the Sparx Architecture platform, Sparx Services North America offers a full suite of training, consulting and technical support offerings to help your architecture team be more effective in creating value for your business.

Contact us if you’d like one of our experts to contact you about how Sparx can help your company

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