The RestAPI 2.0 add-in provides a set of UML profiles, custom diagrams and toolboxes to enable you to model Swagger/Open API 2.0 services and JSON Schemas in Sparx Enterprise Architect. 

API led integration is becoming a popular method for solution development and this add-in makes it easier for you to manage APIs as a part of your solutions by incorporating REST APIs and JSON Schemas into your Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture models.


  1. Ability to specify REST APIs and JSON Schemas in a UML-based modeling approach.
  2. Align APIs with Applications and Technologies.
  3. Cross-map APIs to Products, Business Services, Application Services, and Technology Services.
  4. Cross-map JSON Schemas to Information and Data Architecture.
  5. Enable model-based application integration strategies.
  6. Foundation for model-based API Management approach.
API Concept

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