Applied Business Architecture using Sparx EA

A 1-week intensive course to give Business Architects the skills they need to succeed


Business Architecture: Appliedis designed to provide students with an experience of how to perform key business architecture activities as represented in the BIZBOK Guide by following the Architecture Development Method (ADM) in the TOGAF Standard.

Starting with a discussion on the value proposition for business architecture, the course provides an overview of all 9types of business architecture blueprints and how to create a business architecture knowledge base using Sparx Enterprise Architect. After reviewing the repository structure and exploring the metamodel, students will review the activities for ArchitectureRequirements Management and Phase A: Architecture Vision of the ADM and will continue to build stakeholder and strategy maps. Then the course continues with Phase B: Business Architecture to create value stream and capability maps along with cross-mappingbetween different perspectives. Students will get hands-on experience creating multiple, key business architecture models using Sparx Enterprise Architect.

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  • Understand key concepts of business architecture based on The Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge® (BIZBOK®Guide)
  • Apply the Architecture Development Method (ADM) in The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) for driving business architecture activities
  • Build business architecture models using the BIZBOK MDG Technology in Sparx Enterprise Architect
    • Stakeholder
    • Strategy
    • Value Stream
    • Capability
  • Discuss BIZBOK-based mapping activities, including those listed above, in addition to:
    • Information mapping
    • Organization mapping


Part I: Foundation

  1. Business Arch Value Proposition
  2. Blueprint Overview
  3. Knowledgebase and Tools
  4. Configure Enterprise Architect
  5. Navigate EA Repository
  6. Explore Metamodel

Part II: Strategy

  1. Explore Relationships
  2. Architecture Requirements Mgmt
  3. Identify Architecture Stakeholders
  4. Define Architecture Initiative
  5. Develop Initiative Strategy
  6. Define Scope

Part III: Business Architecture

  1. Cross Map Strategy
  2. Develop Architecture Vision
  3. Business Architecture Activities
  4. Organize Repository
  5. Define, Specify, and Describe Value Stream

Part IV: Core

  1. Capability Mapping
  2. Cross Map Value Stream
  3. Manage Package Baselines
  4. Model Capability Instances
  5. Information Mapping
  6. Organization Mapping
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  • Business architect
  • Business relationship manager
  • Business analyst
  • Business process modeler
  • Enterprise architect
  • Data architect
  • Application architect
  • Technology architect
  • IT manager


5 days
This course can be delivered either on-site at your location or remotely as a virtual class.  It can also be tailored and/or combined with 1:1 mentoring or consulting services for even greater results.


Experience in business and IT management, delivery, or operations

System Requirements

Sparx Enterprise Architect v15.1 or higher

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