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Enterprise Architecture
Business Process Reengineering
Technology-Driven Business Process Reengineering
Business Process Reengineering (BPR) has traditionally operated on the principle that business needs...
Value of Architecture Repository
The Value of an Architecture Repository
As the complexity and scale of technology within enterprises grow, the need for a structured, organized...
Agile solution delivery
Harmonizing Architecture Design with Agile Solution Delivery
Agile has emerged as a popular approach to solution delivery in today’s rapidly changing business...
EA vs Systems Engineer
Enterprise Architecture vs. Systems Engineering
In the sprawling landscape of business technology, two disciplines stand out as instrumental in shaping...
understanding EA models
The Paradox of Imperfection: Embracing the Evolving Nature of EA Models
In the complex, rapidly evolving realm of business and technology, a common assertion is that EA models...
Make an architecture platform investment
Making the Business Case for an Architecture Platform Investment
If your organization is investing in hiring architects (often one of the highest-paid disciplines within...
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