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A Vanishing Vanguard: Addressing the Enterprise Architect Gap
There is a growing concern in the world of IT and business strategy: seasoned enterprise architects (EAs)...
Architecture Leaders Should Watch these Top Issues
Top Issues Architecture Leaders Need to Address in 2023
Most organizations are facing economic headwinds and technological disruption in today’s highly...
AI and the future of enterprise architecture analyisis
How AI Will Disrupt the Way Enterprise Architecture Analysis is Done
Architecture analysis is one of the two key activities architects perform within enterprises. This analysis...
5 Reasons Why Every Architect Should Learn AI Now
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve seen or heard headlines about the AI revolution...
architecture analysis and portfolio management
Architecture Design or Architecture Analysis: Is Your Enterprise Maximizing Architects' Value?
Enterprise architects are a crucial resource for organizations and among the most expensive. According...
architecture design solution
Then and Now: Evolution of Architecture
As we prepared to deliver the 2023 State of Architecture Survey results and compare them to last year,...
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