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Enteprise Architecture Teams
Did you inherit an Enterprise Architecture Team?
Did you inherit an Enterprise Architecture team and aren’t sure whether your people have the right...
ChatGPT for Enterprise Architecture Analysis
5 Watch Outs for Using ChatGPT to do Architecture Industry Analysis
How effective are ChatGPT or other generative AI tools in performing architecture analysis to help better...
Agile and Enterprise Architecture
Navigating the Agile Rapids: Challenges for Enterprise Architects
In the digital world where business needs evolve constantly, Agile methodology has been widely adopted...
Can AI solve problems from bad Enterprise Architecture?
AI to the Rescue: Can AI Mitigate the Aftermath of Bad Enterprise Architecture?
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a critical discipline that guides organizations in aligning their business...
AI and Enterprise Architecture
AI and Enterprise Architecture: Building the Blueprint of Tomorrow
The marriage of AI and Enterprise Architecture opens a vista of potential yet to be fully exploited....
Architecture Platform Health Check
Is it time for an Architecture Platform Health Check?
Has it been more than a year since you implemented your Sparx Systems Architecture Platform? Sparx Systems...
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